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Keeping A Photo And Drawing Sketchbook While On The Road.

Everyone knows to draw in a sketchbook. It's like taking quick notes or making studies of subjects while you travel or just to take time to relax. A sketchbook is a visual journey of your life and travels. I also wanted to add that a sketchbook is a great place to print and save photos of your journey alongside your notes and sketches and ephemera gathered while wandering. I gather leaves, wrappers, and anything that my magpie eye fastens itself on. I also print out instamatic polaroids and add prints that I have made from my travels into my sketchbook. I paste the prints alongside poems, sayings, graffiti, and sketches I have made. It becomes my resting place for inspiration and often leads to collections or series of photographs I want to explore. So grab your sketchbook, Blackwing pencil, camera, and go sketching!

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